Creating World Class Products from India


We spend a lot of time in designing and creating reusable components that can be assembled easily for creating any Enterprise business process. Our Engineering journey is on-going where we continuously review and refine the individual Technology components and how they are brought together to deliver the required outcome.

The Product Architecture and Design makes it very easy for us to create any business process sequence required for our customers. The focus is on keeping the design simple, configuration driven, easy to implement and effortless to maintain.


Any product is only as effective as its implementation and support and that is where our flawless execution comes in. We are constantly reinventing our Implementation, Support and Maitenance processes to provide seamless, hassle free usage experience to our customers. Between our consultants and developers, we work as one team with the customer business outcome in mind and that makes all the difference.

Social. Mobile. Futuristic. People centric. Design.

Open Source

With the adevent of Web 2.0 and Open Source Technologies we have access to an ever improving sets of tools and software that are cost effective, secure, flexible and powerful. At Product Labs, we use PHP, Javascript, Mongo DB and Angular JS on Linux to create our Cloud solutions that can be deployed with ease at any customer location.


Our products are built for the Cloud for a user base that is mobile and social and is designed to evolve in tandem with the rapidly chaning Technology environment. The intent is to make processess accessible and simple to use from any device with the appropriate work and individual context. The design allows us to rapidly change the process flow and data connections in response to the changing business context.

Delightful customer experience in every touch

Indomitable spirit

At Product Labs we build Solutions that enable Businesses excellence. To achieve this, we build expert technical solutions but more importantly work with the customer to support their operations and achieve the desired business goals. We believe that Technology should be an enabler and not a challenge and we do all what we can to make deployment of Technology easy and simple for the customer.

Growing business complexity and changing market environment should not translate to complex business operations that compromise on agility and nimbleness. This is where our team comes in, delivering simple effective product solutions aligned to succesful outcomes for the customer.

People Centric Design

As Dion Hinchcliffe remarked in his blog, we are living in an ever-more elaborate yet largely accidental digital world. Enterprises deal with multiple applications endorsed by their IT as well as Shadow IT, where in employees embrace other digital ways to get work done. The complexity of all this is leading to fragmented ecosystem too complex for businesses to make sense of.

At Product Labs Solutions our platforms are people centric and are built entirely around the user with the intent of making the ecosystem singular and simple to use. This design sets our products apart from the point solutions that work in a particular context but cannot support a holistic business view.